Saturday, November 12, 2011

Testimonials and Fart Jokes, Redux

What does it mean to have a blog? What is a blog? Why does one create a blog? How does one define a man?

These are the existential questions Tom Stoppard would pose were he alive today. Oh ... he is alive? ... does he have a blog?

Never mind! We're off subject. The point is, I don't plan to answer or even ask (rhetorically or otherwise) those questions. I don't even plan to answer the question of why you should read and subsequently bookmark this blog. (Though, if I were going to ask such a question, the answer would just be a picture of my cat, Smokey, in a tie.)
How could you deny that face? 

Certain things must be established, I suppose, considering this is the ceremonial first blog post. For instance, I should probably mention that the purpose of this blog is to host my short fiction and also pictures of my cat (seen above) wearing ties--the peanut butter and jelly of blog topics.

So read along! Or don't ... I don't have much authority over you unfortunately. 

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