Saturday, February 4, 2012

How a Google Search Crippled My Creativity

Every now and then, I get the urge to google myself ... and that's not a euphemism. It's a welcome break between creeping on Facebook and clicking through reddit. Usually, the only things I find are all of my social networking profiles, some ill-advised sketch videos I put on youtube when I was young and impressionable, and the many blogs I have launched and subsequently abandoned (though this one will remain strong!). There's never anything of interest.

Until this time!

And I'm using the word interest loosely here, but you've already clicked "read more," so you might as well finish the rest of the post.

So, I know ... everyone knows ... that only cats and cat related images rival porn in occupied bandwith. This made me wonder, "Where does my blog fall on a google search for kittens?" With so many cat .gifs in existence, it couldn't have been too high. But I didn't expect to find this ...

That's right friends ... Cats. In. Ties. And not just the one cat like I have.

One sexy, sexy cat, I might add.
But seven pages worth of cats in ties, bowties, even suit coats. Maybe, it's a new blog though, right? Surely, I google searched the name of my blog before sticking with it and didn't just assume that I'm so original and creative that nobody could ever have my same idea ever, and that this guy must have seen MY blog and then took it, right?, well, no. I didn't check. I assumed. I always assume. (yeah, yeah, yeah, ass + u + me. I've heard it.) His blog has been running since April of last year!

Perhaps, we can coexist. Perhaps, it may come to war. Who can say? I know he's gained at least one follower.


  1. was my favorite blog... but now that I know about CatsInTies...

    1. Don't jump ship just yet! Wait for our sister site, Ferrets in Fedoras, to lanuch!